24 May, 2024
Reunión del monitor del Programa LIFE. El grupo técnico del proyecto y el monitor Borja Domínguez en la sesión de sala.

Annual monitoring visit from the European LIFE Program

Periodic monitoring to review and check the status of all actions, schedule the next milestones and resolve possible doubts.
20 May, 2024

Nature-based solutions: recovery of river branches in Soto de Alfaro begins

This intervention is part of Zone 1 of LIFE Ebro Resilience P1, in what is called the combined section of actions to mitigate the effects of floods and will allow the recovery of the functionality of the meander, helping to fulfill its role as a fluvial space.
13 May, 2024
Walking Rivers. Ruta realizada por el Proyecto LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 entre los meandros de El Señorío y La Roza, integrándose en la experiencia mundial de caminar los ríos.

Walking Rivers: LIFE Ebro Resilience Project participates in this worldwide experience

On May 11, we joined this initiative that led hundreds of people to walk the river paths in the five continents, and together with the riverside population we completed the route from the meander of El Señorío (Castejón, in Navarra) and the meander of La Roza (Alfaro, La Rioja).
6 May, 2024
Adecuación morfológica y restauración ambiental en paraje de El Estajao

Completion of the morphological adaptation and environmental restoration works on the Ebro river as it passes through the El Estajao site in Alfaro (La Rioja)

The actions, within the framework of the Ebro Resilience Strategy, have involved an investment of over 2 million euros. The works of morphological adaptation and environmental restoration of the Ebro river in the “El Estajao” site, located in Alfaro (La […]
1 May, 2024
Descenso interpretativo desde Ortigoso a El Señorío en la jornada de intercambio con LIFE Kantauribai

Interpretative descents on the Ebro: more knowledge about the river and the Resilience actions

- This April, one of the most attractive lines of actions for strengthening social capacities and increasing knowledge about the river was launched. Journalism students from the faculties of Aragon, high school students from Alfaro and Castejón or technicians from other projects have already made interpretative descents with us.
30 April, 2024
Pruebas de funcionamiento de la fase 1 de la nueva red primaria de la Comunidad de la Huerta del Ebro en Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza.

Phase 1 of the adapted irrigation network in Fuentes de Ebro has been tested.

The first phase of the new pipeline for the irrigation system of the Huerta del Ebro Irrigation Community, in Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza, has been completed, reaching 1,350 meters of this infrastructure. During the last week of April, a test run of the installation was carried out, with satisfactory results, and it could be used by its users immediately.
29 April, 2024
Ruta guiada por el meandro de Aguikar

Enjoying the river and learning about floods: large turnout at the Aguilar meander route

On April 28, Fuenteros and neighbors from nearby towns enjoyed a walk along the meander of Aguilar, in the Ebro river in Fuentes, in an informative and recreational day organized by the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 project.
18 April, 2024
Reunión en Alcalá de Ebro

Informative meetings to present the river restoration projects for two stretches of the Ebro river

The actions, within the framework of the Ebro Resilience Strategy, will have an investment of 4.6 million euros. The Aragonese Water Institute (IAA) has held a round of meetings open to the public to present the river restoration projects for […]
16 April, 2024
Adecuación morfológica en el río Ebro en el meandro de La Roza, Alfaro (La Rioja)

Commitment to adaptation in the middle segment: subsidies through NextGeneration Funds in La Rioja,

The Autonomous Communities of the middle stretch of the Ebro, members of the Ebro Resilience Strategy and partners of the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project have launched lines of aid for private individuals and local entities, aimed at protection and adaptation to flood risk included in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the example being the publication of aid from the Government of La Rioja on April 12.