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Information sheets (EBRO RESILIENCE STRATEGY):


Worksheet 1: Exposure and vulnerability, keys to flood risk management.
Worksheet 2: Measurement and forecasting of flows in Ebro floods.
Worksheet 3: The management of reservoirs during Ebro floods.
Worksheet 4: Self-protection against flood risk.
Worksheet 5: History of the Ebro floods and their management.

Information sheets (LIFE Ebro Resilience P1):

Worksheet 6: Environmental Benefits of Floods
Worksheet 7: Economic sustainability in flood risk management.
Worksheet 8: Flood risk management in the European context.
Worksheet 9: Adaptation of agricultural and livestock farms to flood risk.
Worksheet 10: Lessons learned from Ebro Resilience: management of river dynamics.

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Glossary (in Spanish)
WATER INFORMATION SOURCES GUIDE of the National Centre for Environmental Education (CENEAM) and of the Network of Environmental Information and Documentation Centres (RECIDA).

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