Among the crucial lines of this LIFE project is public participation as an inseparable part of flood risk management. For this reason, a complete Participation Plan has been drawn up, whose target public are the interested parties (including the people affected) and the general public, both in the project’s areas of action and in the middle stretch of the Ebro River.

It seeks to achieve more solid results, improve knowledge and reach more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable alternatives. Its content is divided between:

Informative actions:

– Information materials (brochures, panels, posters, etc.).

– Local presentations (information days, etc.).

– Informative visits to the intervention areas.

– Small informative meetings (coffee gatherings, etc.).

Participation actions:

Co-creation groups: stable groups for deliberation and co-creation of actions in which stakeholders will be integrated. Its objective is to participate in the design of interventions, make proposals for improvement, facilitate the execution of works, propose new similar interventions and other flood risk management measures.

The co-creation groups Adaptation and Mitigation; Nature and Biodiversity; and Public Participation and Capacity Building of the two intervention sections in Alfaro (La Rioja) – Castejón (Navarra) and Osera de Ebro – Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza) have already been formed.

Local and regional forums: spaces for deliberation open to the general public.

Specific working groups: for the follow-up of LIFE project actions.

– Implementation of a virtual deliberative platform, which will be used for social diagnosis and reception of proposals.

Monitoring platform: so that the population can participate in monitoring the results of the actions implemented.

Mediation actions: the specific forum for conflict transformation in flood risk management has been set up. This group brings together stakeholders and representatives of the sectors involved in the intervention zones and will operate throughout the project’s development until 2026.

Access to the complete Participation Plan document

Participation Plan of the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project

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In addition, the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 has developed a comprehensive Social Capacity Building Plan. . Social capacity building is a central element to improve social resilience to floods and self-protection of the riparian population.

Social skills are defined as the individual or collective aptitude and attitude to face a situation, evaluate it and develop solutions to solve it. The shares are divided into

– Capacity building campaigns (16 campaigns with the technical and management sector (Autonomous Communities), with the education sector (teachers, school children, active tourism and environmental education guides, interpretation centers), with the communication sector (opinion leaders), with the primary sector (farmers and ranchers, women farmers and ranchers, young farmers and ranchers), with the environmental sector, intersectoral (knowledge, conflicts, entrepreneurship), with the general public (countryside, entrepreneurship, cultural and recreational).

– School of Mayors

– Informative materials