The Strategy

Improving flood risk management in the middle stretch of the Ebro is a collective challenge.

The Ebro Resilience Strategy aims to be a framework for collaboration between the different Administrations, as well as other stakeholders, to work in solidarity and coordination in flood risk management in the middle stretch of the Ebro River, forming a sub-program of the Flood Risk Management Plan of the Ebro River Basin District.

In short, the mission of this Strategy is to promote actions that reduce the impact of floods in the most at-risk sections of the middle reaches of the Ebro River, implementing measures that in turn contribute to improving the condition of bodies of water and river habitats. It also aims to improve the population's capacity to respond to such events.

The vision for the future is to achieve a middle stretch of the Ebro in which economic activities and population centers coexist with an Ebro river in a good state of conservation, without the inevitable floods causing significant damage.

Ebro Resilience is a strategy aimed at implementing the Flood Risk Management Plan in the middle stretch of the Ebro and improving the ecological status of the river.
Para qué
So that the recovery of normality after a flooding episode is immediate and with the lowest possible social costs.
Por qué
Flood management over the last sixty years has proved ineffective in the Ebro and many other European rivers, and the frequency of flooding is likely to increase due to the effects of climate change.
Ebro Resilience promotes measures aimed at improving the resilience of the system, reducing the frequency of flooding, reducing flood damage and promoting river restoration. All this seeking social involvement and coordination of all the Administrations.
Ebro Resilience is already being implemented. Follow our website to stay informed.
The scope of Ebro Resilience covers the middle stretch of the Ebro River and the lower stretches of its tributaries, between the towns of Logroño (La Rioja) and La Zaida (Zaragoza).
The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation and the Autonomous Communities of Aragon, La Rioja and Navarre are working together on the implementation of Ebro Resilience. We will count on the active participation of all interested parties (local administration, population, associations, etc.).