23 November, 2023

Ebro Resilience participation actions, Botín Foundation award for sustainable management

We continue to congratulate ourselves with the Ebro Resilience strategy and the new actions for adaptation to floods. Its participatory proposal, with our colleague Alba Ballester at the head, has been recognized for its actions to involve the population and the search for conflict resolution.
17 November, 2023
Trabajos con maquinaria en el meandro de La Roza, en Alfaro, La Rioja

Concludes the morphological adaptation of the Ebro in the meander of La Roza

After a year of work, this phase of the intervention in Alfaro (La Rioja) by the CHE has concluded and all that remains is the river restoration to be carried out by the Government of La Rioja.
30 October, 2023
Jornada para estudiantes de periodismo "Información ante fenómenos hidrológicos extremos" celebrada en el Centro de prensa del Colegio Profesional de Periodistas

We participated in the conference for journalists “Information in the face of extreme events”.

The LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project collaborated in the organization of this session aimed at journalists and journalism students, one of the main sectors to prepare the population for flood risk, to increase their knowledge of this phenomenon and to explain and inform about adaptation actions.
24 October, 2023
Reunión del grupo de co-creación 1 de la zona 2 en Fuentes de Ebro

Participation: presenting the proposal for the adaptation of the agricultural zone in the Osera-Fuentes section.

We gathered the co-creation group dedicated to mitigation and adaptation actions in zone 2, the Osera de Ebro - Fuentes de Ebro section, to present the proposal for the lateral buffer zones.
20 October, 2023

Ebro Resilience at the Water Engineering Conference: green infrastructures and adaptation measures

The LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project has presented in Cartagena a summary poster of the project and an article explaining the positive results expected from the interventions, reducing the risk of flooding and recovering 60 hectares of river space.
20 September, 2023
Grupo de trabajo del LIFE Ebro Resilience P

Two years of the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project: progress and proposals for participation

During this time the meander of La Roza, in Alfaro, has been recovered as a river space and has generated a new protected area in La Rioja and more than 40 participatory actions have been carried out, most of them related to new forms of involvement of the population that represent a milestone at European level.
8 September, 2023
Jornada divulgativa celebrada en el Museo de Castejón, Navarra, sobre el meandro de El Señorío

The conference on the adaptation of the meander of El Señorío (Castejón) attracts a large number of riverside visitors

Stakeholders were able to learn in detail about the planned intervention to reduce the risk of flooding, future environmental restoration and participatory actions.
28 August, 2023
Aguilar Meander

Public information on Phase 1 of the improvement of flood resilience in the Osera-Fuentes de Ebro section (Zaragoza).

This phase consists of the morphological adaptation of the Ebro in Zone 2 of the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project.
10 August, 2023

LIFE team holds a meeting with mayors of the area on the El Señorío meander (Navarra)

In addition to this meeting with the representatives of the city councils, a public information day has been organized for the first week of September, which will include a visit to the intervention area.