29 February, 2024

Ideas and proposals from the territory: LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 opens new avenues of participation on the use of land in El Señorío

The Project organizes an open forum on future uses in this meander that will recover its function as a natural space, a public activity that was also carried out to gather proposals in the meander of La Roza, in Alfaro.
20 February, 2024
Trabajos de instalación de la tubería de hormigón para el sistema de riegos de la Comunidad Huerta del Ebro, en Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza)

Installing the new pipeline that adapts the irrigation system in Fuentes de Ebro to the risk of flooding.

The laying of the new concrete pipe, with a total length of 2,300 meters in this phase, which moves this infrastructure away from the riverbed in the Huerta del Ebro Irrigation Community, is in progress.
9 February, 2024
Plantación realizada durante la restauración ambeintal

La Roza environmental restoration underway, last step to complete the LIFE intervention in this meander

- These works are being carried out by the Government of La Rioja and will involve the planting of more than 4,600 specimens of riparian species imitating the natural growth of riparian vegetation.
2 February, 2024
Imagen del nuevo humedal creado en el meandro de La Roza, Alfaro, La Rioja

Wetlands in the Ebro Resilience territory: La Nava and La Roza, Alfaro (la Rioja)

In 2023, the meando de La Roza has inaugurated a new wetland area integrated in the morphological adaptation carried out through the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project, in addition to the one created in 2020 in La Nava as part of the actions of the Ebro Resilience Strategy.
30 January, 2024
Obras de adaptación ante inundaciones del sistema de riego de la Comunidad de la Huerta del Ebro en Fuentes de Ebro. realizando la zanja para enterrar la tubería

Provisional irrigation systems enabled during the work to adapt the Ebro Orchard Community system to floods

The scarcity of winter rains has allowed progress to be made on the work, but unfortunately it is detrimental to crops. For this reason, temporary irrigation has been set up in the fields surrounding the works to save crops, in agreement with the irrigation community and in keeping with the Project's spirit of participation and cooperation.
24 January, 2024
Plano del tramo combinado de actuaciones del Proyecto LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 entre Alfaro (La Rioja) y Castejón (Navarra). Sucesión de medidas naturales de evacuación de agua.

Combined action section: succession of natural measures with global benefit to reduce flood damages.

The LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 project integrates its zone 1, between Alfaro, La Rioja and Castejón, Navarra, in the combined section that includes several proposals such as the reconnection of meanders, relief channels, recovery of old river branches and enlargement of the river space
19 January, 2024

Public information on the projects for El Señorío (Navarra) and phase 1 of the Osera de Ebro-Fuentes de Ebro section (Zaragoza)

New advances in key projects of the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 for 2024, which is expected to be a busy year in its two tranches. The last step has been the approval of the public information files of the projects of El Señorío (in Castejón, Navarra) and the improvement of flood resilience - phase 1 between Osera de Ebro and Fuentes de Ebro, in Zaragoza.
29 December, 2023

Public conferences and informative sessions: Ebro Resilience actions open to the whole of society

In addition to the stable participation groups that have been running for over a year and the activities for different sectors included in the capacity building plan, the project has launched these months the first actions of assistance and open participation, expanding the public and involvement with the LIFE proposals.
29 December, 2023
Grupo de trabajo del LIFE Ebro Resilience P

2023 LIFE: end of the morphological adaptation in La Roza, start of the adaptation of the irrigable area in Fuentes de Ebro and more social involvement

The actions have made significant progress with the closing of the main interventions in the town of Alfaro, in La Rioja, and the start of actions in section 2 of the project, in the province of Zaragoza.