20 September, 2023
Grupo de trabajo del LIFE Ebro Resilience P

Two years of the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project: progress and proposals for participation

During this time the meander of La Roza, in Alfaro, has been recovered as a river space and has generated a new protected area in La Rioja and more than 40 participatory actions have been carried out, most of them related to new forms of involvement of the population that represent a milestone at European level.
8 September, 2023
Jornada divulgativa celebrada en el Museo de Castejón, Navarra, sobre el meandro de El Señorío

The conference on the adaptation of the meander of El Señorío (Castejón) attracts a large number of riverside visitors

Stakeholders were able to learn in detail about the planned intervention to reduce the risk of flooding, future environmental restoration and participatory actions.
28 August, 2023
Aguilar Meander

Public information on Phase 1 of the improvement of flood resilience in the Osera-Fuentes de Ebro section (Zaragoza).

This phase consists of the morphological adaptation of the Ebro in Zone 2 of the LIFE Ebro Resilience P1 Project.
10 August, 2023

LIFE team holds a meeting with mayors of the area on the El Señorío meander (Navarra)

In addition to this meeting with the representatives of the city councils, a public information day has been organized for the first week of September, which will include a visit to the intervention area.
26 July, 2023

Ebro Resilience environmental actions: permeabilization of the Pina Dam, Ebro River (Zaragoza).

In addition to reducing the risk of flooding in the middle stretch of the Ebro, the Strategy aims to improve the ecological status of the intervention sections, such as this intervention, which will maintain the use of the infrastructure by improving the longitudinal continuity of the river.
17 July, 2023

Phase 1 of the environmental restoration of the Ebro river in “El Ortigoso”, Milagro (Navarra) is completed.

The works have had a budget of 1,432,467 € and 6.4 hectares of river space have been recovered with plantations of native riverside species, reaching 12,000 specimens.
23 June, 2023

LIFE Ebro Resilience P1: the Ebro basin, intervention model in RestauraRíos

The actions planned for the river and the proposals for participation and capacity building have passed through the plenary and parallel sessions of the IV Iberian Congress on River Restoration, the most important event on river restoration in Spain and Portugal.
19 May, 2023

LIFE news: intervention in La Roza increases the Natura Network protected area in the Ebro

We celebrate the European Day of the Natura 2000 Network. The land reclaimed for the river, a total of 22 hectares, has been incorporated into the Natura 2000 Network "ZEC Sotos y Riberas del Ebro" through Decree 46/2022 of August 17 of the Government of La Rioja.
16 May, 2023

Ebro Resilience experiences will be presented at the IV Iberian Congress on River Restoration

Through scientific communications and case studies in the plenary of the congress, posters on specific actions and presence in spaces for reflection, the innovative approach to flood risk reduction will have a special role in this event, next June, in Toledo.